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Goldwing Carburetor


Full service in the shop, or rebuild by mail.

It’s not easy to find a shop that will take on your classic Goldwing carburetors, and even more rare to find someone who knows how to rebuild them completely and correctly. As a Randakk’s approved rebuilder, we service many sets of Goldwing carbs every month, which allows us to charge less and provide the most consistent results as our process has been streamlined and perfectedThe prices below include all expected replacement parts and return shipping. Turnaround is currently 4-5 weeks by mail.

The most detailed rebuild

Complete disassembly, no shortcuts

Powerful ultrasonic cleaning that leaves nothing behind

Randakk's overhaul parts, the only truly complete solution, with materials resistant to modern fuels

Replacement of felt shaft seals

Polishing of CV slides, caps, and bores

Proper modifications for better performance

Wet tested, bench-synched, and set to factory base settings, securely packaged and shipped

The following prices include all expected replacement parts and return shipping to continental USA:

GL1000 1975-1979 $549
GL1100 1980-1983 $599
GL1200 1984-1987 $489
GL1500 1988-2000 $409

We stock spare carbs for hard parts if necessary. Additional services can include soda blasting, external polishing of caps, replacement of rubber CV diaphragms, or new Honda float valves.

Call 608-214-9803 or send us a message with any questions.

How to mail in your carbs

Shipping and packing instructions